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Boston Dynamics robots can now hold the door



I want a SpotMini to guard my house :slight_smile:
It just needs to be a little quieter and have jaws !


Boston Dynamics have come a long way from the original Big Dog.


So if it can recognise its friends can it also choose not to hold the door for other people?

I will have to read the article later on.



The thing that impresses me most about the robot in this article is how far they have come in a few years. I want one.


I wonder if hotels are going to use this, imagine loading a couple bags on a spot and open the door if your hands are full


these are probably cheaper…





That probably took a lot of time a resources, but couldn’t they just put a ADA handicap push button that automatically opens the door and the robot could “bump” it’s head into to activate the door. Or a door sensor that recognizes when a less fortunate bot approaches and opens?

Hey less fortunate bots are still bots and should have equal opportunities and accessibility than better equipped bots. Oh, wait - I’m a little early on that part aren’t I?

Ps this give me hope that we are closing in a bot that will be capable of gently wiping my ass.


all these advancements in technology yet we still wipe our own asses.


it actually all ready does this. There was another video where a different robot dog called ANYmal looks around for QR codes that tell it what things are and how to use them. One was for a regular elevator button and it can use them fine. So not even big disability buttons are needed for it to use, though just as a matter of course they should be installed everywhere appropriate anyway.

Side note, this is the video from the people who run this project, I have no idea why they uploaded it at double speed.


Anyone here that seen black mirror: metalhead will know the evil version of spotmini :slight_smile:

For those who dont plan to watch it a spoiler clip below.


By far the worst episode of Black Mirror, but I also instantly thought of Boston Dynamics while I watched it.


I still need to watch black mirror


black mirror is so good