Bored, require game recommendations

Anyone have any games with a good story and charecters to recommend? Preferably something that is not a turn based RPG, a JRPG, or has NPC interactions that take place primarily through text.

Analogue: A hate story

I've bought it, because of the impact the story gave me by reading, but I've no time right now :(. You can get it on steam. 


And: To the Moon (you can also get that on steam) 

DMC Devil May Cry alot of action and graphics are sweet also has a uniqe learning curve that is fun to master!!



I'm not sure if this falls under your category of turn based rpg, but Star Wars: The Old Republic actually has surprisingly good characters and stories (depending on class). And it's free, so you can't go too wrong with that. 

In other news, Bioshock Infinite if you haven't picked that up.


Neverwinter just hit open beta and so far it's pretty good. I can recommend it

ARMA 3, if you are into hardcore FPS gameplay, extreme teamwork and lulz then this is the game for you! It is currently in Alpha and the map will be 150km2 when released!

It not everyones cup of tea 


Just get Garry's Mod and say goodbye to your social life.

Thanks for the recommendations. Garry's mod and ARMA are not particularly heavy on the story, though.

"any games with a good story and charecters"  DMC has the opposite of that.

Sleeping Dogs, it's a GTA clone but has a pretty good story and some good characters.

Bastion, the story might be confusing at first but throuout the gameplay, that amazing narration just sucks you into it.

Max Payne 3, I'm sure you already know about this game, but I thought I'd throw it out anyway. Story seems to be good (I never finished it), characters are ok.

Blood Dragon, a completely bonkers and over-the-top homage to the 80's sci-fi action movies.

Tomb Raider, interesting story, some good characters.

Alan Wake, I never got into the game, it was way too linear for me, but it does have an interesting story. Characters - meh.

Thanks for the recommendations.

The Walking Dead, the Telltale one, if you don't already have it

I gotta recommend The Witcher series, they can be hard, but I feel they are really good. 

I've been getting into X3 as of lately, a great open space, "flight" simulator/space rpg/space business adventure/ space everything.

Take a scroll around for some roguelikes, those are always good fun.