Bored of skyrim? this maybe for you!

Like an up-to-date Warband.

Oh god. If it is on console it will be dumbed down considerably

Eh I don't think it will be that dumbed down. maybe a little simplified for Console players. but that doesn't apply to us. if we want more difficulty nothing a mod wont fix lol

My first thought was "What about mods?"

Any given cross platform game has some sort of limitation or consolitis

First of all. I'm never finished nor bored with Skyrim. Second, if I was, I would just wait until I was no longer bored and/or there were more mods out and play Skyrim again. Why would I ever settle for a cheap substitute when I don't have too?

First of all. I'm never finished nor bored with Skyrim. Second, if I was, I would just wait until I was no longer bored and/or there were more mods out and play Skyrim again. Why would I ever settle for a cheap substitute when I don't have too?

pmsl handbags at dawn sir?

Skyrim is good, but it isn't THAT good. It's probably not even the best Elder Scrolls game. I had to leave it alone for months before I could play through it again (and with new mods).

Damn... now I find myself launching Skyrim

I just bought Skyrim at Christmas, a little behind the curve. I have logged  65 hours in 4 weeks. BEST GAME YET, I like it a lot.

I have spent several hours watching the modding tutorials as well and have 30 something mods. Which I find as fun as playing. It is taking over all my spare time and then some.

That clip looks promising. I love Crysis3 its at close to 100 hours and would be my previous BEST GAME YET. That said I have only been PC gamming for two years and have many games to still discover. 

So when does it get boring? I know it will sooner or later. At how many hours in do you move on? How many hours have you played?

Thanks for the tip I will be watching for this.

Like what has been said, looks like an up-to-date Mountain Blade.

If so, it would be much better than Skyrim. You can have all of the mods, pretty graphical effects and items you want, but nothing seems to be able to fix the horrible, horrible combat in Skyrim combined with dreadful "radiant AI" that is somehow less complex than Morrowind. Gameplay is most important. And while you can cover up Skyrim's colossal faults with hundreds of mods, its problems are at the unfixable core.

That being said, I'm greatly looking forward to this. I love medieval europe based games, I love games with in-depth melee combat. If it does it right, it could be glorious.

Yah.. a bit too far away a release date for me to bother with pledging and waiting.. otherwise my expectations would be too high to appreciate the game

It really doesn't get old though. I haven't played much recently but that's simply to do with the fact that I have had lots of other games I have been enjoying and wanting to try. If Skyrim was the only game I could play on PC, I would be content.

To each their own.

If you're not happy with vanilla skyrim combat (like I was) try a mod called "Duel - Combat Realism". I'm currently using the "hardcore" version (v7) and I find it a lot more enjoyable. Weapons actually do much closer to the damage they would in real life, including arrows. It matters far less what type of arrow you use but where the arrow hits. One to the head or neck = instant kill (including yourself, so be careful). Initiate first and continue your attack and the enemy has a hard time retaliating. Makes for much quicker battles. The same will happen to you if you're not careful. Makes you more vulnerable as well, but it's more realistic, which is the point. Armor is still important, but don't rely on it to absorb all attacks. Makes you think a lot more during combat. You have to block, evade and time your attacks to regain the upper hand rather than "let yourself get hit because you know you can take it".

Here's the mod:

It may just make skyrim game play just that much better for you. Worth a try.

The reason I didn't like the vanilla combat was because the fights were far too long and arrows did FAR too little damage, even with your character built up to a decent level. I'm sorry but it doesn't matter if the arrow that landed in your head is iron or elven, it's in your head! Same issue with sword combat. Blow after blow of direct hits with a great sword and the enemy is still fighting back unfazed and hasn't taken any significant damage? I don't think so. Once you break through their defenses, it should only take one or two good hits to bring them down. Of course there are exceptions with some of the undead enemies, trolls, giants, mammoths and dragons that obviously are tougher to take down. But human to human combat is vastly improved with this mod, IMO.

Oh, the motion blur... I love cryengine 3.5 and work with it alot, but the gameplay in this game seems a little uncomfortable for me by watching the trailer. But seems good anyways =)


Looks cool. Name sucks.

looks like a nice, but i wouldn't consider it a replacement for Skyrim, which will always hold a special place in my heart, it looks like its meant to appeal to a crowd looking for a medieval combat sim, like Chivalry.

there doesn't seem to be any magic or magical creatures, all the costumes and stuff look historical. 

like what has been said, it looks like an up-to-date Mount and Blade

which is why i wouldn't compare it Skyrim, next your guna say COD is better than Halo, there just not comparable. you could just mod Skyrim to death though so its more like a medieval combat sim, i'm sure there is a host of mods to do this.


I still need to finish Skyrim lol.

As long as it has custom character creation, I'm all over this. 

Skyrim was positively mediocre. The combat mechanics were good, the graphics were good but unoptomized. That's really it. The main story was shit, the "Faction War" was pointless, the guilds and professions were stripped down, and the game was buggy and broken long after launch. Skyrim is only good because of the mods and tweaks you can put on the game to fix and improve it.