Bored and needing new games

Anyone know any relatively cheap games on steam worth getting? I have been looking at Anno 2070 but it's price went back up, does anyone else have this game and if so what do you think of it?

Tribes Ascend (the f2p version)


Well resident evil 6 is about to come out and if you preorder it you get res 5 and all the DLC for free.

Same for bioshock infinite but instead you get bioshock 1 and xcom enemy unknown free.

I own Anno 2070. I haven't played it much so I can't give a solid opinion, but I can tell you it is quite in depth. I also think the game has a good atmosphere. I felt a little confused at first because there was a lot going on, but it walks you through the beginning so you can get the basics down. I'm not entirely sure what your budget is, but Anno 2070 has always been cheaper here than Steam, and this is where I got my copy of Anno 2070.

The only downfall with purchasing Ubisoft games from this site is that you have to use Uplay to launch it. It's not as terrible as Origin, but not as good as Steam.