Borderlands Stream?

I was sitting here thinking, about borderlands coming out tomorrow. I remember how you guys do that steaming of games and what not, I was at the last one it was pretty fun. I was thinking it would be cool if we could stream a Borderlands night, get 4 people from RTW and all join up and play it.

Roger wilco, captain.

I definitely would if I can manage to get the game tomorrow!

Well it doesn't have to be tomorrow but i thought it would be cool. Steam is running a special right now 5 dollars off.

just spent 700 on a ps3 and games so it will have to be like movember the 20th when ill be able to get it ae

what i waste of 700 dollars, lol

700? I spent a max of 400 on mine. 300$ for the console, 40$ HDMI cable, 40$ taxes(Canadian taxes are roughly 14% on anything you buy)...rented two games for 7 days cause I'm to broke for anything until the next pay...which is Thursday.

@ path

Um i live in New Zealand and a new Slim PS3 is 600 and the games are 110 ae

thats soo crazy... well i have it for ps3 so if anyone wants to play... PSN: destrokK_

PC > PS triple (MeGotRice) (Except MeGotRice likes jigglin and wigglin)

Makes sense...didn't know you lived in New Zealand.

um im getting it for PS3 ae YUS YUS YUS!!!!!

PS Triple actually came from Chad Warden. :3

Oh he knows..

Uhhh, I'll get this game next week or so...In this troubled times when I managed to slip on the ice with my moped in 70km/hr, I have to spend alot of money to get it fixed, soooooo I'll have to pirate the game.
Only game I'm really gonna buy this year is modern warfare 2.. And maybe l4d2 if enough mates are getting it...

its worth buying. just got borderlands and its so good i cant believe it.

Game is definitely a contender for game of the year. It is amazing, runs great, I have a lvl 26 siren and I love it.

yeah its fantastic game im lvl 43 hunter on the second playthough

add me as a friend in the game if anyone wants to play "laidt0r3st" ive been thinking of starting a soldier. p.s. i cant host D:

I have open my ports and everything and I still can't host. That is the only major downfall of this game, is the hosting. They should allow dedicated servers like L4D has.

i used to be able to host but my current router is fucked up, i open the ports but when i check them they are still closed. my routers frameware is as high as they can get and 3rd party/Linux frameware dont support my router

got it recently, add me - renzuokun I have a 23 soldier, and I just made another character