BootCamp Partitioning - File System Type?

Just wondering, when using BootCamp, at the step where BootCamp begins to partition the drive (getting ready to install Windows), I was just wondering what the file system becomes for the Windows partition. Is it OS X Extended Journaled or NTFS or?..

edit- by the look of it, it appears to not be NTFS, but I still need to know for sure what it becomes

Windows requires to be installed on an NTFS partition. I don’t remember whether the BootCamp Utility formats the Windows partition since I partition my MacBooks drive manually. But if its not NTFS it will leave the partition unformatted so the Windows Installer will definitely apply NTFS as its file system. If you don’t plan to install Windows, I would recommend you to take a look into either the partitioning options of Apples Disk Utility or GParted from a live linux thumb drive.

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I don’t even fuck with bootcamp tbh. Go online and look up rEFIt and install it. Then just split off some empty space (don’t format it or OSX tries to eat it) for your windows install and then you’re good. You won’t be able to hold option to get to windows I don’t think? but I also only have 32bit efi macs. rEFIt is there to scan for all boot partitions and force the system to boot. Its very handy. And if it doesn’t want to run on startup you can install rEFIt to a CD or a USB.

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I got the result. I had an original picture for the first one, but I was asked to enter username and password which blocked the view of the point I was trying to get across so I just looked for a different one. It should work fine as an alternative.

Anyway, the Mac BootCamp app sets the filesystem to MS-DOS(FAT32) for the Windows partition.

Strange. I thought it would be set to something a bit more logical like exFAT or OS X Extended (Journaled).

Additionally, I used macOS Sierra for testing this. I don’t know if the results differ for different versions of OS X/macOS. My thoughts would be that it would be unlikely, but if so, feel free to post.

BootCamp Partitioning Step

edit: I’ll be including the original image I was talking about anyway in hopes to avoid confusion.

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Thanks to those who jumped to conclusions to quickly.

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