Bootable usb

Hi, I have Lubuntu on an 3 year old HP laptop. Now I want to switch to Manjaro. Im trying to make a bootable USB but it dosen´t work. I use the dd command, I tried 3 different USB sticks. I used unetbooting, ubuntu usb stick. Nothing works. I had the same problem installing Lubuntu. Is it always this hard? I have been trying for hours!

Is there a solution?

Did you try formating your USB first? Worse comes to worst steal someones windows device for two secs.

Yes I have formated it. Whould it work better on Windows?

Use either pendrivelinux or LiLi

But they are both for Windows...

Well when I get annoyed with linux i run into my sisters room steal her laptop and do it through this program

Are you sure it's writing to the stick? Are the distro files actually on the stick after you dd?

Yes, but I´m starting to think its something wrong with the BIOS.

Are you doing dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/SDB without any numbers at the end? Because if you using it like this: /dev/sdb1, that will create the mbr for the stick at the beginning of the first partition, not on the first 512 bytes of the thumb drive, where the bios looks for the boot data.

As a side note, it can be /dev/sdc or /dev/sdd, that depends on the number of drives, it's fine as long as you don't put any number at the end.

That's a good thing to check - is USB bootable turned on? Is the drive the first one on the list?

so I have to leave out 1! Thanks, it has been driving me crazy.

I did manage to install though! I burned a DVD but im soon going to install on another machine. So then i´ll try to it your way.


You're welcome, everyone has made that mistake at least once :)

Make sure you write the image directly to the drive, and not a partition.