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Boot up/Shut down/Restart times Ridiculously Long on NVMe SSD

Hey everyone. I’m having trouble with absurdly long boot, shut down and restart times in Windows 10. There doesn’t seem to be any problem while I’m actually in Windows. It’s been doing this for probably two weeks now.

I’ve tried check disk, sfc /scannow, updating BIOS, SSD firmware, NVMe drivers, updating Windows…

It seems to be something related to Windows and my SSDs if the Event Viewer is anything to go by. The problem is, I’m pretty inexperienced. I’m not sure how to properly decipher what the logs are telling me. Here are a few examples of errors that have been popping up constantly as of late:

My drives are all Samsung. 840 Pro 256GB, 850 Pro 256GB, 950 Pro 512GB (connected via motherboard’s m.2), 970 Pro 1TB (in m.2 PCI-E adapter).

I’d be glad to upload more pics or provide any info that could help. Any advice/help is much appreciated.

Seems to be a bunch of other people with the same issue, some laptops, some desktops!

I haven’t seen anything that looked like a concrete fix. Several posts seem to indicate a hardware failure on the system board, but again, nothing concrete.

I’d start by taking all the drives out except the boot drive, and adding them back one at a time. See what that does to the errors you’re seeing.


Thanks. I’ll try that.

I have a hunch that there may be something wrong with the PCI-E to m.2 adapter I’m using. It was the cheapest one that I could find on Amazon…

I’ll report back if I figure something out.