Boot problem

I’ve got a problem with my laptoo. So I run 2 distros: Solus and Neon on a 256 SSD. Neon since installed, made a swap partition I never have used since my laptop has 16 GB of RAM so today I while using Solus I decided to use the disk utility called ‘‘Disks’’ to delete the swap partition. Everything went fine until I restarted my laptop, now neither of both boots into the system. No Solus nor Neon.
I don’t know what to do. Help…


You probably are using MBR, and the swap is lower than the / partition

easy solution is to create a very small partition with the same partition number.

How do I do that? The only thing I can use is grub

Bootable CD/USB.

Can’t I do it from Grub? The thing is that I need the laptop to boot now and currently I don’t have any bootable CD/USB

you should have thought about that before you started doing partitioning operations you don’t fully understand.

I know, my bad. Thanks for the help.

Btw, you do need swap for laptops if you want them to have a hibernate functions. Different than sleep; which is suspend to RAM. Hibernate is suspend to disk, aka swap.

Didn’t knew that! Thanks!