Boot files missing

hello everyone my brothers computer has been having problems latley today it started out with a efi boot file missing and the laptob came with no recovery disk then he turned it off and on again and well........ now it says that there is no bootable device and to restart the computer. nothing will work if you press any button you get the same message: no bootable device -- please restart system 

if anyone could help me please it would be greatley appreciated



Read your laptop manual recovery disks havent been given out for years with a laptop there is useualy a partition on the harddrive for recovery that sets the computer up the same as the first day you used it.

Your manual will tell you what key you need to hold down for it (useualy a  key like F12 F8 ect ect)

But it sounds like the hdd has failed on the laptop.

I had a similar problem before. To fix it I went into the bios, put the efi boot manager as first in the boot order and the drive with the os right behind it in the boot order.