Book keeping & Accounting - What do you use?

Did some searching, didn’t find any exsisting threads on this subject (which suprised me). Intuit/Quickbooks makes me angry, Simply/Sage makes me angry, accounting makes me angry, book keeping makes me angry…

So, I begin the hunt for an alternative to the two 500-pound gorillas known as Intuit and Sage. Ideally it would be web-based (so as to be as platform-agnostic as possible) and have the ability to save/print all the reports an accountant could possibly want. Last but not least, I live in Canada, so support for Canuck Bucks is a must.

So far I’ve found Wave ( Haven’t been able to find many reviews; does anyone on here have experience with them?

I bought but haven’t used yet; Kashoo. I think it’s a Canadian company. You can get a free trial for a month. They have/had a discount for the first year. Normally it’s about C$200.00/year.

I’ve been looking for an app for tracking my personal expenses. I don’t necessarily need Quickbooks or Sage though. Maybe I just need to make a spreadsheet.

They’ve managed to make the older versions of QB obsolete by making the registration process online only. And then they shut those servers down.

If it’s just expenses, maybe Mint?


MYOB was the best until Intuit bought it back in 2001 and abolished it. Once the non-compete was up, MYOB came back into Canada as Account Edge.

Account Edge is the best in Canada IMO, YMMV. We have used Quickbooks and Simply Accounting. I would not use web based software. I try not to store data on the web whenever possible.

LibreOffice Calc


Pen and paper.

I run a few businesses and have used different accounting products over the years ie; MYOB, QuickBooks, Sage and AccountMate.

These days I use Xero for just about everything as it handles payroll, super, bank reconciliation, invoicing etc and the scalable pricing/cost seems fair as your business grows.

I also use AndCo for consultancy work because I get it for free.

I’d definitely recommend Xero.

Giving Wave a try with a side business (2-4 invoices per month). Can’t beat the price (free) if your needs are tiny…

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