Book giveaway: Artificial intelligence

Hi there Level 1 forums. Yesterday my books Artificial intelligence made easy and Artificial intelligence development went public for sales. I will gift 10 books hardcopy books with dvd and usb with lectures, 5 of each, in this giveaway. It is international free shipping no matter where you live. There are no criteria, first come first served but i would prefer if books could go to people who are interested in AI and making AI their professional path.


That sounds great, I would like a copy

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As much as I would love a copy, I will respect your wishes re: ai professional path.

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That’s why I love this community!
I hope the books go to the right ppl :kissing_heart:

@hem send me your addess until next friday to ship it out

@Zszywany if possible i would like to make course on programming, Linux, robotics and all the fun stuff with poor kids around the world.

@alwaysFlOoReD maybe you get 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m poor, so I qualify!
I wish you all the best in pursuing your goal. That’s noble of you.

It would be awesome if i can send few books to Wendell as gift

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Isn’t their PO Box on the website?

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Have to agree with you on that one. This is a great forum.

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@Trooper_ish didnt really look

Interesting @Lutherus! Are you a professor?

I have been out of the Com Sci world for a bit. I have a few AI books that I got from Humble Bundle. Just have not had time to crack them open yet.

In your opinion, how accessible is AI now with open source tools?

@Mastic_Warrior i am not. I have PhD in Cognitive AI and advanced robotics but i am not a professor. I dont know if i even have nerves to be full time employed at school or college. I run 4 startups, 3 AI startups and custom guitar building business. But this year i was on few tech expos and conferences and got really disappointed in AI scene. 4 of 5 AI startups do not have AI and 9 of 10 AI developers dost even understand simple math. It pissed me off so i decided to make few courses and write a book to make AI development understandable to everyone. In end i ended up making 4 books of what 2 where released yesterday and 2 will come by November and during October courses will be on youtube and udemy.

AI is acceptable and open source is the way to go. Some things just work better on Linux then on other platforms. Even machines are not expensive anymore. For 2000$ you can get really good machine with 3700x, 2070 and 32gb RAM or for even lower you can build good basic machine with 3600x and 2060. Python and R are the tools you need and a good text editor. I use VIM since i use it for years and i am not comfortable in other editors. Not everyone needs to know Lips and Haskell but it is desired to learn them with time. If just basic machine learning then python and R just fine. Heck even Tesla uses python and c++ for all their needs. Java in other hands is bad for AI. I am only disapointed that opencl support in AI development sucks and most things are on cuda. New AMD cards would perform wonders.


Wow. I see you are a passionate person.

I have a degree in Comp Sci with a focus on mathematics and embedded applications. I have a minor in Linguistics. Unfortunately, my professional career has been in IT.

Thank you for your dedication to the craft and please let me know when your courses go online. I want to throw money your way to help you educate the masses. I hope to be able to do that some way. Right now, I volunteer to teach coding and algorithms to a middle school underwater robotics program.

I’m interested. I’m pursuing AI with my major in Computer Engineering.

@Mastic_Warrior neh i am just a nerd with bad internet connection and lots of time :stuck_out_tongue:

I will let you know, thanks.

@anon69321716 send me you address

Still have copies available?

I would like to learn more about the current AI trends, and add that as a career path!

Any more left?

If there are any remaining I’d gladly have one for my studies.

Oh, hi!

Is there an e-book version? You could reach even more people with that.

I’m interested, but not in the hard copy since there are people who’d make better use of them (most of my reading is at work in the computer screen).