BMW Designs The Ultimate Gaming Machine

BMW already builds the Ultimate Driving Machine in the BMW M3. Here's BMW's M8, their vision of what the ultimate gaming PC should be.

The front knob is a multi functional control button with an integrated OLED display so that no extra monitor is needed to read stats on usage and heat. It also allows users to adjust the volume and fans inside the tower, switching between speed, standard or eco mode. Integrated handles on every corner make transportation easy.

This "highlight of any LAN-party" comes with a 802.11ac WiFi module and Bluetooth v4.0 providing up to 867Mbps wireless internet connection and a Creative SoundCore 3D quad core processor.

ehw... it looks awfull...

yea kinda but its a good option to have anyway

I don't like it.

Should come with BMWs as the tech upgrade package.

I like the design on my end

Stick to cars.