BlueTooth speaker in ubuntu Gnome

So I bought a 2.1 bluetooth sound bar, and I want to connect my computer to it via bluetooth. Ubuntu can connect to it, and it knows its a speaker, but pulse audio doesn't list it as an output option.

Do you use the Ubuntu Unity sound setting? Try pavucontrol.

But first check if the right modules are loaded:

pactl list | grep -i bluetooth

pactl list | grep -i bluetooth
Name: module-bluetooth-policy
module.description = "Policy module to make using bluetooth devices out-of-the-box easier"
Name: module-bluetooth-discover
module.description = "Detect available Bluetooth daemon and load the corresponding discovery module"
module.description = "Detect available BlueZ 5 Bluetooth audio devices and load BlueZ 5 Bluetooth audio drivers"

So it looks to me like the modules are loaded. I am using pulse audio which is the default in ubuntu gnome. I tried pavucontrol it has the same problem.