Bluetooth not working

Hey  y'all so recently I got myself a rocketfish Bluetooth adapter for my computer since I built it and lacked the Bluetooth feature on the motherboard. Ever since I plugged it in I haven't got any device to pair with my computer, all that happens when I look into the "Add Device" tab on the control panel is a blank screen that hasn't detected anything. If you guys could help me out with this I'd appreciate it alot!

have you made the device discoverable yet?

Ya I've had it sitting on my desk trying to pair but my computer refuses to detect it for whatever reason. :/

what OS are you running currently? maybe we could do team viewer session depending on your location, if your on windows 8 with metro still active though then well just have to trouble shoot the old fashioned typing way. cant stand metro lol...

Oh I'm with you there, I'm currently using Windows 7 (no other os I would use) and I just can't find any info online to assist me D:




Have you figured out the issue with this yet? Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet its been a long week I fell asleep watching some videos and just woke up, If you still need some help with this we can arrange something.

Silly question, but you DID install the drivers, right?

Is THIS the BT adapter you have?

Ya, Aezen I have installed the drivers (actually multiple times) but I still haven't gotten any luck. Although I got it to work every so slightly until... something happened to computer and the windows files were damaged so I just recently rolled back to the last moment when computer worked, so overall I've landed myself back at square one ._.

I recently had same kind of issue in win 8. with both my wireless and bluetooth. Basically windows would not allow to install my product drivers and only would allow what ever drivers win 8 choose to use. So maybe a uninstall reboot and see if windows has its own drivers its uses. Believe me, I am not happy about it. It also leads to whether or not your system allows unsigned drivers or not.

So little froto if we could get that team viewer session to work I'd be appreciative of that.