Bluetooth 'connecting' and immediately disconnecting. win 7

So I just finished getting my new monitor to work, and installing a larger hdd, i’m mid moving files to the new hdd so I can’t shut down/restart for a while and I came across an interesting issue. all bluetooth things are visible to the computer, it acknowledges their existence, it even blips on for a second, but then doesn’t connect. I think I have had this issue before but im wondering if there is a way fix it without resetting as it’s probably going to crop up again, and now that I have earbuds, ill be using bluetooth for more than just game controllers.

should note everything bluetooth is not working, controllers or earbuds.

What bluetooth transceiver are you using? you also might want to move off Win7 since its been EOL for like a year now.

I despise windows 10 and will only use it as a last resort, would rather move to linux and vbox 10 but that apparently makes some things far more of a pain in the ass.

as for transceiver, I think Intel wireless I have on my taichi 370x, pretty sure there has not been a driver update since it was released.

I mean your using hardware thats not officially support by your OS. Would just get a usb one and see if that works. You will continue to have issues until you upgrade.

supported… there are drivers for everything on the motherboard, not having continued support doesn’t mean it’s not supported.

Its not that it doesn’t work period, its that at times I have found it to just stop working with no clear way to reset it/get it to start working again shy of a restart.

Bluetooth is broken… as far as older stuff goes… you need the latest devices to work with the stuff out now… upgrade your card to 5 - (5.2 is the latest version) and you’re good, if w7 supports it :stuck_out_tongue: