Blue Yeti Microphone! - Worth every cent!

Just upgraded to the Blue Yeti microphone and I've gotta say it was worth all the monies! - such a change to my channel.

I'd be interested to see a video from level 1 showing their audio and video setup.


There are other similarly priced mics as well. I am in the market for something along these mics so I will be looking up all that I can on them :)

You will want to get a block of foam to put it on.

A weekness these mics have always had is that they conduct quite a lot of noise from the surface they're on.

The Snowball has the same problem. I personally put mine on a folded washrag. That dampens pretty much any table vibrations that it could pick up.


I'll be mounting it on am arm with a shock mount mechanism, also need to invest in a pop filter lol

Yes boys they do make a shockmount for a reason!! :)

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I suggest this shock mount, as opposed to the overpriced one that Yeti sells.

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I bought the blue yeti myself about 2 months ago. Great product and have no issues this far. Using the regular desk stand it comes with and not having a problem with vibrations although I'll go the shock mount route one day.

Since I bought it though, I've had a nagging curiosity in other mics like the at2020. I refuse to go the XLR route due to the extra hardware but have always wanted to try the USB version. I can't shake the feeling the extra money would have been worth it. Anyone have an at2020 and used a blue yeti?