Blu Ray playback in vm

Hey guys,

I was wondering if it is possible to setup Blu Ray playback in a QEMU/KVM Windows guest. Out of the box PowerDVD complains about no encryption going from the gpu to the monitor. Has anybody tried this before?

Cant you just rip them yourself? Does it need to be in BluRay?

I could rip them, but I‘m curious if it‘s possible.

It feels like it should be possible.

I dont have a BluRay drive myself but if you do a passthrough of the GPU and BluRay drive, it should work with a Windows VM, presumably.

I misunderstood the error message. The probleme is the virtio driver for the drive.

When I was building a HTPC for my parents years ago I was looking at how to play Blu Rays on Linux and the solution I found was to rip the blu ray with makeMKV, play it as it rips, and then delete the MKV as it goes.

I was such a hilarious and convoluted solution I just ended up ripping the Blu Rays to a NAS and playing them from there.