Blu-ray burning verification errors

How is everyone doing today? I recently acquired some Verbatim BD-R DL 50GB 6X disks to back up my MKV files. I have bricked 6 disks upon verification all having been burned at the max rated speed. Half way through I decided to start burning at x4 and haven’t had any errors since. I have never had this much trouble with CDs or DVDs rated at even higher speeds. Is this uncommon for Blu-ray or is it to be expected? Does the burn speed make that much of a difference?

It seems more of an issue with disk quality then ODD after browsing google search results.

I would guess the disks are not high enough quality to run at 6x

disk speed does matter this used to be an issue for DVD and CD Drives back in the early days of those media’s also. what it really comes down to is you are blasting a photo sensitive material with a laser and if the Laser emitters controllers are on on the slow end of that 6x speed in this case the disk chemistry may get bleed into the the equivalent of the next bit corrupting or making the disks to hard to read for your Blu-Ray burner.

As Blu-Ray media never really took off in popularity like CD and DVD drives did the refinement and quality of hardware has not been as fast or significant this time around, along with that the higher data rate needed to be written also makes it a challenge for less expensive hardware.

Along with this if you are using something like one of the LG or Samsung USB 2.0 Blu-Ray drives it can be a challenge to achieve the full 6x sustained write speeds.

I see. That would make sense. I was using an LG USB drive. It uses 2 ports for extra power but I suppose it still struggles to write at full speed. And like you said Laser emitter may be having trouble keeping up with the disk.