Blown caps repair

this "media center" was given to me by my uncle to fix. the capacitors in the CPU switching power supply (i think that's what it is called) blew. my question was i had heard from a prominent electronic engineer that you could "go bigger" with tv repair or any switching power supply capacitors. so should i get bigger volt range or a higher microfarad number or should i match both to what was previously in there? the reason i'm asking is to potentially prevent this from happening again in the future (more headroom caps) and some good knowledge about this sort of thing for the future. also if you could point me to somewhere online to purchase some caps that would be mega awesome (the dead ones are 6.3v 1800uF). thanks!

eBay or local electrical store is a good source - japanese caps if you can, and that they are solid and not the electrolytic type. Cost a little bit more but will last longer

Keep the capacitance value the same or close to, increased voltage is fine.

Hope this helps