Bloomfield Memory Management Errors

I have an Intel Core i7 930 OCed to 4.2GHz. The CPU itself seems to be stable but I'm regularly met with blue screen errors containing the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT code or something similar. This leads me to believe that the problem lies with either the memory controller or the DIMMs themselves. The RAM is 12GB of Corsair XMS3 occupying all 6 slots on the motherboard. Something which I know puts more stress on the controller.

The RAM clock speed and timings are running at the rated speeds of 1600MHz and 9-9-9-24 and the rest of my PC specifications can be found in my user profile.

BIOS settings are as follows:

CPU Clock Ratio - 21x

BCLK Frequency - 200MHz

X.M.P - Profile 1

Memory Multiplier - 8.0

CPU Clock Drive - 1000mV

CPU Clock Skew - 200ps

Performance Enhance - Standard (This is a vague memory related option on Gigabyte boards and I'm not sure what it changes.)

Load Line Calibration - Enabled

CPU Vcore - 1.375V

QPI/Vtt Voltage - 1.495V (As far as I know this generally needs to be high because I'm using all 6 RAM slots.)

CPU PLL - 1.9V

DRAM Voltage - 1.66V

Any help and insight you can provide in this issue is greatly appreciated and if you need any more information I will add it to this OP.

Do you still get it when the oc is scaled back to say 4ghz? Your cpu may be finding it hard to run at 4.2 and still look after 6 slots of ram.

Try adding just a little more vcore.


Manually set the ram volts to 1.65. Plus enter the timings manually. Or even try going back to 1333 speeds.

Looks like youve set the qpi volts to about the range where you should be very stable... hmmm

Im assuming you've already updated the BIOS yeah?

Glad to see someone still enjoying bloomfield chips. I kinda miss how fun it was to overclock em..

Hope some of this helps.


It behaved the same even with the CPU clock pegged back, so I don't think the issue lies there. I have the timings entered manually on the Quick setting. And yes, the BIOS is up to date.

Memtest threw errors at me to begin with, but I reset the BIOS settings, redid everything from scratch (though this time I didn't enable XMP and gave the RAM a little more volts) and I got a clean pass. Ever since I did that the system has been running stable and programs haven't been throwing me CRC errors and whatnot thanks to the RAM.

For the time being I'll consider the problem solved, but I have had times where I wouldn't get a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT bluescreen for several weeks and suddenly I'll have several cases of it a night. Alas, I hope it's gone for good this time around.

Many thanks for your input.