Bloodshed Build Log

Updated 7/3/2015

Hello and welcome to the showcase of redneck ingenuity i'll be showcasing my water cooling build from start to finish it's at about 95% right now so there will be some minor updates later on.
This build is a strange mix of practicality and over the top most people are going to find my choice in parts ludicrous (low end meets high end) but it works for me.
part list
Update: Part list is now 100% up to date.

All pictures were taken with my pocket potato you have been warned.

First boot :)

no case or graphics card... for over a month T_T

The Phanteks Luxe was out of stock everywhere for a month so much waiting with this build.
Initial plans were to wait it out without a graphics card till 390x but I couldn't stand it especially with rumors of pushed back release so i picked up a 7950 for $110 when I bought my case

A few paychecks later and the meat of the build had arrived

Test fitting the reservoir and pump so they can stay attached, this got pretty tricky when it came to actually fitting it.

Plastidipped the mounting bracket for the cpu block it was clear (ew)

My block came with corrosion! OH BOY

All fixed :D

Marked up the panel for cutting

and dad decided he wanted to take a dremel to it instead of letting me use a drill and saw -_- (ordered vinyl to cover it for now used some permanent marker)

Insert Redneck Reservoir/pump wizardry here
Tin snips to make the reservoir bracket shorter to bring the pump up higher

needed a bracket to support some more weight the clamps on the reservoir couldn't handle it... insert more redneck

Put in my first piece of tubing :o

Notice how I totally forgot heatsinks for the mofsets? I didn't notice till an hour of Star Citizen. Dr. Fouquin says my card has 3 months to live (we hope). I stole some heatsinks off the vram so the card can at least idle safely waiting for more heatsinks so I can get back to gaming. thank goodness I made this mistake now instead of on a 390x!!!

Starting to look like something

dafuq is a cable management?

F*** drive cages needs moar air flow, I'll put my hdd here! also proved useful to route a molex for lighting.

All plumbed up!

finally the part i've been waiting for, filling the loop, I actually started shaking a bit... and spilled coolant twice had to remove the headsing on the motherboard both time to dry it up (unrelated to the shakiness i'm just clumsy)

need to adjust pump speed insert pop can tab of unknown age from my desk drawer here

and no leaks!!

Let's go on a tour shall we?
let's start with the ugly

And now the eye candy

Immediate plans:
vinyl to cover the panel blemish (though permenant marker looks alright)
get extension for sata power and move ssd more to the left
put proper heatsinks on graphics card so I can game again

Future plans:
Tons of overclocking
installation of 390x

Let me know what you think! also thinking of renaming it to Redneck just because of how it was built.

Vinyl placed onto the small window area


Update 2:

New cpu overclock, 100% stable. it's 1.276 volts according to the bios so idk? either way it's below 1.3 i'm happy

got a sata power extension and moved the ssd from under the tubing

removed part of the front panel and reversed the mesh to improve air flow to help resolve negative pressure (you can see the dust in above picture)also crammed another 140mm into the drive bay and made the covers louvered.

Update time again! 7/3/2015
I did not get a Fury X (at the time of this log was thought to be 390x) I instead got a 980ti due to the Fury x not being Korean monitor friendly. My universal block unfortunately does not fit the 980ti due to the extended pcb it's 1/8 an inch too wide.
I'll be getting a full coverage block when it's released for my card.

Some benchmark scores

Yes i'm using Ram Caching

Also did 5.0ghz at one point


Nice, when I first saw one of the pictures in the lounge I expected it to be good. But not this good! The temp display is a nice addition and it looks like it was made to be there, it fits just right.
You should get a block also covering the vrm etc when you buy the 390x.

I might get a full block but most likely not i'm just thinking beefy heatsinks and an 80mm fan in the pcie for exhaust to keep the air flow under the card moving fast.

awesome job man. are you gona cover up the top?

Yeah it's covered just didnt put a picture with that on there XD

Looks nice, only thing I dislike is that your top light looks a bit harsh. It could be just the photo but maybe a red LED instead of what appears to be white or blue?

it's white, it's really really bright I know but the window is tinted so it makes it look brighter from glare. it looks like about half that in person

Ahh okay.

They can run quite hot, especially when overclocked, and it looks much better with a block than a heatsink. (my opinion)
It's your pc but I know what I would do when switching to 390x.

I agree they look nicer but this build took half a year of saving plus i got a universal for the sake of keeping my loop together when swapping cards. i'll be getting some heatsinks the height of the block when the time comes for the swap so it blends in well.

I did't take into account that you plan to reuse the block for the new card. It that is possible then you should definitely do that.
I too am a student, what wizardry did you perform to get the money together for this beast?

spaghetti, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, drink mostly water, proper vehicle maintenance for fuel economy and part longevity... random stuff. my car hasn't been in a shop for 30k miles really helps the wallet.

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Looks great man. I like "Redneck" it comes with a theme song.


I thought the new R9 390x was factory liquid cooled, no?

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there should be a liquid and non liquid version. i'll look into modding the pre cooled version into my loop but if it isn't feasable i'll stick with the original plan.

Very good then, carry on.

It looks like you cut your finger... It looks really nice. You also won the Silicone Lottery, mine only hits 4.5 on 1.3

Thanks, I'm quite happy with the chip inhit 5 ghz with it about a week ago because peer pressure lol. I'll post the screenshot when I'm on my pc again.

Gosh i missed this buildlog.
It realy looks sexy, well done.

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