Blizzcon 2019

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J. Allen Brack talking about the Hong Kong situation, sort of. He talked for 3 minutes and didn’t say anything,lol and people are applauding!?!

Diablo 4 trailer dropped.

WoW Shadowlands


Really been having a huge itch to get into this HAM again. But I don’t want to do classic and I’ve heard very bad things about the current releases. Hope this revives the series, for sure!

Strong WTF at Arthas being Darth Vadar’d though lol.

Step 1: Get phone? :thinking:

Nah, seriously though. Get hype! I just started playing Grim Dawn for the first time and have a for real point & click action RPG thirst right now.


In a way this was the first step to get this on the way, lol.

It’s interesting to see how this Blizzcon will turn out with all the recent things that happened with Blizzard. I wonder how quickly people will forget about it when they see trailers for their favourite games.

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Overwatch 2 stuff.

Are they making new diablo 2 trailers? Oh you mean Diablo 4 trailers… Well it looks good… That’s all I can say about it. Is Diablo gonna become the new Sonic? You know, a new game is coming out, everyone gets excited, then they release it and it’s garbage…
I really loved Diablo 2 so I hope not.

Didn’t it become Bolvar what’s-his-head after WotLK?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a HD remake of it. The original SC got one, WoW got Classic. WCIII is to be released in the end of the year,iirc.

Some more info on Diablo IV;

  • It has dark and gothic feel in the style of Diablo and Diablo II
  • No ofline mode
  • New engine with weather effects and day/nigh cycles and better lighting
  • More options for character customization
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There goes my interest…


Guessing they were like we gotta go back to this hit cuz we need the subs back and this was one of the strongest ones we had.


This gives me Fallout 76 flash backs.



And we have the winner of blizzcon 2019




LOL, honestly I dont see the point for Overwatch 2, its not like diablo where there is a story

Side note this is where kreestuh can shine tho fresh ranking ladder her dreams to go pro can finally happen

Overwatch 2 is more PvE focused and there the mechanics are different than the previous one. You level up your character and have different skills/talents.

So more like one of my favorite games that died Battleborn?

I’m not familiar with Battleborn, so I can’t say.

The O2 trailer reminds of the TF2’s mann vs machine mode.

Eh seems like it could have been a story DLC / expansion guess this way they can farm all new microtransactions