Blender Foundations YouTube Channel Blocked by YouTube Worldwide

Thats kinda how twitch works with bits but you buy them instead of getting them from ad views. I think it could work.

Canadian here, I can watch their videos fine so maybe it’s been resolved or it’s not all countries anymore

Thursday June 21 2018, by Ton Roosendaal

Last night all videos came back (except the one from Andrew Price, which still is blocked in USA).
According to another person in Youtube we now do have to sign the other agreement as well. You can read it here.

I’m not sure if we should accept this. Will be studied on.

Update on their blog linked in the op.

I am not the legalise type. What exactly does their new contract mean?

That they have to allow advertisements or that they never will have access to advertisements?

last time i tried youtube red, i had to redownload every video after 2(?) weeks. so that really pushed me away from it

Does it just download an MP4 or is it DRM’d?


for me i had to use the youtube app but im not sure how it is now

looks like a multi-layer administrative fuckup with youtube

I get the pressure YouTube has on it to make profit and hosting videos for free costs resources. It is however pretty shitty to block creators who are in no way in violations of the terms. Makes me think of obnoxious game-server admins :face_vomiting:

I have also noticed google expanding YT premium to (some) EU countries in part advertising the non-ad features of paid YT.

In the long-term it might hurt YT as we can no longer assume it’s the place where we find videos.

it wasn’t an… legit blocking. more like a multi-faceted administrative fuckup.

Thats not sqeculatiot, thats fact. Its how google works, has worked, and will continue to work.

Another channel down, though probably not the same cause. I was curious where some of the videos from ToolArchive went and found out their channel vanished.

Take down the whole channel completely, really?
Youtube needs to disintegrate already.

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They really need to test these ML algo’s before shipping to production.

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Why would they do that they’re too busy banning channels for not monetizing their videos


ohhh, that’s some fresh meta.

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I would assume YouTube is running a bunch of Neural Networks chained together. Each node(neural network) probably has thousands of hidden layers where stuff happens.

Which I wouldn’t come close to wrapping my head around and struggle to comprehend.

Doesn’t mater, if they can’t test it they shouldn’t release it yet. This proves that it was still too early to use it.


It’s practically impossible to look at each layer in the way you suggest and it would never be practical in the future. It’s called Big Data for a reason.

I disagree. You train the algos with data? Clearly, they didn’t feed it enough and run enough specific edge cases. Yeah I know there’s a lot of stuff going on, but it goes against the practice of TDD to ship something like this when its not ready. It’s far too risky.

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All this neural network talk makes me want to get into it.