Blank Screen When GPU inserted - help

I am sooo confused, let me give you the basic problem first.

I am putting a XFX HD 6950 Dual bios GPU into my PC which is a MSI Z77 mPower MOBO with i7 3770k, 16gb ram, seasonic gold 650w modularPSU 120gb m4 ssd with several normal hdds.

Basically I turn the computer on and the screen stays blank, I can hear the computer boot up from the microsoft noises so I know it is turning on, but no signal to the screen. The card works in another setup on a asus mobo with an i5, so I know the card works, and I have put a GTX 780 into this computer so I know the computer works...

I have also tried using the dvi, vga and mini display ports with no success. If I take the GPU out and run off of the onboard graphics it boots up fine. If I leave the onboard graphics connected and put the gpu back in and link it up to a second monitor both screens do not work.

I have updated the Bios to the latest version on the msi website. I have tried to pre install the drivers for the GPU but I cant seem to do that without the card installed, and I cant do that because the screen wont turn on when it is installed.

I have also tried putting it in a different pcie lane and this did not work.

I have tried saying "Oculus Reparo" with a wand in my hand, this does not work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I would suggest installing the video card and trying all the outputs on both the Motherboard and video card as one must work if you are getting in to windows.

Yes it works if I take out the gym and run it from the mobo alone, however when I install the guy no signal comes from both the guy and mobo on all ports

Did you uninstall the nVidia drivers first?

Yeah I did, not sure what to try next