Black screen on startup - works fine in different computer

So a friend asked me to take a look at his computer because he said he was having trouble with the graphics card. His setup is an msi 610gt gpu, an ASRock H61M-VS mobo, intel i3 3220, with a 300w psu. It is from iBuypower. Put His graphics card in my computer and it worked fine, but in his computer the screen never comes on but other than that everything else is fine. It works fine with the integrated graphics too.

Im wondering if anyone has any idea of what could be wrong


Check in the BIOS. There should be a setting that allows you to change between the integrated GPU and a different video source. Happened to me with a pre bought computer I had. Put in the GPU and there would be no picture but it worked on integrated GPU. I changed the setting and rebooted and it worked fine. 

If it isn't that it could also be an issue with his PSU not being able to supply enough power. That isn't a very powerful GPU and it shouldn't be using that much juice but if the PSU is crappy or dying it might have trouble. 

I think DerKrieger hit it spot on. but you also might try other PCI slots...?


I looked through the BIOS, and found the setting to change the default display between the integrated and PCI slot, but I still had the same problem. I also tried a 500w PSU and that did not help either.

I was going to do that.... until I opened it up and found that it is a mATX mobo with only one PCI slot.


i think his motherboard is officially supah focked.