Black Screen After Linux Distro Upgrade... 🤦‍♂️ How To Fix This? 🤔

Okay, normally I don’t do this very often, but this is clearly an exception…

So, I had originally posted about this just this morning on the Zorin OS forum, & only one person replied probably thinking I could handle this on my own, but that’s NOT the case! >:( I had *very clearly * stated in some other posts I made there before that I don’t daily drive Linux since I’m a newb! [Man, times like these makes me really freaking wish people would read things through all the way rather than posting a quick reply & that’s it! :man_facepalming:]

Anyway, for anyone who is able to help me out with this, the full details can be found in the original post linked here: Stuck On Black Screen During Upgrade From Ubuntu 20.04 To 22.04... 🤦‍♂️ How Do I Fix This? - #3 by Jennings92 - General Help - Zorin Forum

If any of you need more details or wish to ask me anything, have at it & I’ll be sure to reply! :+1:

Thanks in advance!

what GPU?

Can you hit CTRL+ALT+F2 and open a new terminal?


I had stated in the Zorin OS forum post that the Dell Inspiron 3647 she has doesn’t HAVE a GPU. Please, like I stated earlier- if you’re going to help someone out, at least read the post all the way through & be thorough!

except an inspiron can be configured 100 different ways from dell. They are not all identical.

Also, every computer has a GPU of some type in it, given your saying there is not a discrete GPU then are we to assume its an integrated IGP on an Intel CPU?

Also, check your tone, I ask a specific question that could not be found from the “whole” post. If the info I needed had been included I would not have asked.


Wrong attitude. You’ve just scoffed pretty much anyone trying to help.

Good luck!


Look, that wasn’t actually my intention; I’m just a bit stressed about this. Go easy on me, okay? -_-

Yeah, I meant to say that her system doesn’t have a separate graphics card/discrete GPU; she is JUST relying on the integrated graphics on her Intel CPU.

ok, good to know. Can you open a new TTY via CTRL+ALT+F2 or F3?


Well, I’m not able to since she’s been stuck on a black screen. I might just choose a different distro for her if nothing else…

thats why im asking you to hit this key combo, is because it does not rely on drivers or a desktop environment.

If you hit that 3 key combo it should open up a new console window so we can trouble shoot what is wrong.


I did the CTRL+ALT+F3 combo & afterward a BUNCH of stuff appeared on-screen. If I had a smartphone or like a tablet, I would have taken a snapshot, but I don’t have 1. [The last thing I’m seeing right now at the bottom says “Started power profiles daemon.” Am I supposed to hit a certain key or key combo after this? :thinking:

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sure try hitting enter, and see if it asks for a user name and password.

if not, try CTRL+ALT+F2

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I didn’t get anything. Something tells me I ought to just choose a different distro. But thanks for trying!

If you decied you want to completly nuke the Linux distro thats installed, l would suggest linux Mint or Pop OS. They are both based on Ubuntu. Linux Mint 21 is based on Ubuntu 22.4. Most parents find Linux Mint a little easer to learn because it looks like Windows.

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The whole point of CTRL+ALT+F3 was to activate the console/terminal mode where the only thing loaded is the bare minimum drivers for display to get maximum compatibility.

Everything is done through the command line, especially for troubleshooting. You really dont need to learn all these command line stuff but it is the Linux life saver before all is lost via the nuke and pave.


@Shadowbane correct!
I havent tried pop os before but i recommend peppermint 10 for new users.
it installs on almost anything and is very easy to configure.

Another os i’d recommend is pinguy os.
Usual installation everything works out of the box, including dvd playback and easily configuration of the old pctv cards.

Peppermint is my everyday os except in my radio shack lappy
There its Debian Ham radio pureblend.