Black Friday coming up

So Black Friday is coming up and i have to parts for my pc left to buy, the GPU and the Monitor.

I'm from Portugal so my question is, is it worth it to buy those parts at NCIX, cause they ship to my country and i would save 110€ that could be used to get better parts.

What do you guys think? 

what gpu were you looking for?

What are you using the monitor for, screen size aprox? 

The GPU is the R9 290 from XFX

and the Monitor is the BenQ


Buying it in Portugal it would cost 384€ for the GPU and 399€ for the Monitor which is in total 783€

Buying it from NCIX it is 859.99 CAD (which is plus shipping 909,98 CAD) and turning it into Euros, gives a total of 634€.

So, after all calculations made, i would save 149€.