Bitfenix survivor case

Planning on building a PC I want it somewhat portable. Is the bitfenix survivor any good? Is the handle sturdy is the cooling decent and is it we'll built? Thanks in advance for any responses.

I own one and it is all of the above. A pleasure to build in, very cool (although I'd pick up an extra fan for back exhaust), extremely quiet and the handle is sturdy. The collapsing mechanism in the handle is not very fluid when going down, but I've carried the PC around the house a bunch with ease.  Lack of a window also makes me cry. My only other complaint is the side panels can get pretty stuck in place and the plastic on the back (in front of metal) is annoying to get off but is aesthetically pleasing. Overall, a great, if not, the best budget case. 

If you have any more questions or concerns, message me. I'm willing to answer further questions and maybe i'll even include pictures of the build.