Bitfenix Build - Suggestions?

So, I've decided to built a mini-ITX gaming rig with the Bitfenix Prodigy but I need some help from all you pros! My budget is around $800, the lower the better. Even though I'm following a lot of what Logan did, I am trying to find cheaper parts and discounted items in my area. I LIVE IN CANADA, bear that in mind! - Will this power supply suffice or should I get a 600W - 650W?


$59.99 BitFenix Prodigy Midnight Black Edition

Motherboard: Are there any issues with this board?

$124.99 Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI Socket 1155 Intel Z77 Chipset


$239.99 Intel Core i5-3570K Quad-Core Socket LGA1155, 3.4Ghz, 6MB L3 Cache, 22nm

Graphics (GPU): 

$209.99 Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC 1100MHZ 2GB 4.8GHZ GDDR5 DVI HDMI 2XMINIDP


$59.99 Kingston HyperX Blu Black Series 8GB 2X4GB DDR3-1600 CL9 DIMM Dual Channel Memory Kit

Power Supply (PSU):

$52.99 XFX 550W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply

A 140mm PSU is recommended by Anandtech due to low PSU clearance in this case.


$69.99 WD Blue (WD10EZEX) 1TB SATA3 6GB/s 7200RPM 64MB Cache (OEM)


I might overclock this given that I can, fan suggestions? (No liquid please). What do you guys think? Please provide me with your opinions!

A lot of these rebates expire at the end of the month so, I'm thinking about purchasing soon, let me know if you guys think I should wait a bit longer (a month or less)!

If you can save money on the processor the 7870 will be much better in your hands and be head first ion up coming games. I would wait for the GTX 700 series and haswell but they will be probably $300 more then what this build will be or maybe $400

Thanks for your help! I was wondering why you think the 7870 is better for gaming? It seemed to perform just as well as the GTX 660 in Anandtech's gaming tests and the model I found is at least $50 cheaper than any other 7870 I can find around.

Also, what I meant was I'd like to wait for Haswell and GTX 700 so I can get Ivy bridge and 600 on sale! :D Do you think when they come out the old stuff will go on sale? Thanks again!

go for the 7870 XT

If you want to spend a bit extra I highly reccommend the Silverstone Strider 650w Gold (

It's fully modular and is only 140mm in length, I'm currently using it in my Prodigy and it works and fits perfectly!

Thanks for your suggestion but unfortunately this is pretty out of budget for me and I'm not really finding great reviews. :/

Since you have a Prodigy yourself, did you stumble into other cheaper PSU's?? Please let me know!

The 7870 is better than the 660 because as you said you want to overclock and AMD cards I more overclockable than the Nvidia providers like EVGA and PNY while only XFX and ASUS on AMD have very strict voltage retrictions. so that 7870 can be overclocked to around between a 660 OC and 660ti