Bitcoin update?

Start off on the new year right with a Bitcoin catch up thread How are you type of thing.

How is your bitcoin experience going so far?
Have any trouble getting into bitcoin?
Any predictions of future bitcoin turn outs?

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Made a topic for the last year and to the new one.

My prediction is we're not going to ever see 500 again.

I feel if we get past 1200 this year, we'll hit 2k next year.

If I was able to bet money on it right now, I'd bet for 2k this year.

I think it's worth bumping this.

I remembered that Bitcoin was a thing and checked its current price, and as I am making this thread it's 1188.99 USD per coin. There goes my plans to invest in some lol, unless the price keeps going up.. Decisions decisions..

all i remember about bitcoin is it was really hard to figure out how to make them and when i did figure it out it took forever so i gave up.

I then bought an r9 290 on ebay that i think was used for bitcoin mining because it ran like crap.

Probably was not used for bitcoin. 0 Chance of ROI for any GPU on bitcoin mining. Your best guess would be an altcoin. However, Litecoin ROI fell by the wayside, and that was the best candidate for GPU mining around that time.

Unless the guy did mining of altcoins (not that common back then), it probably was just on ebay because... well ebay.

If it was an r9 280x, I might believe you. Those guys were an amazing bang for the buck. 2 month ROI, and free monay after

Well. Damn.

My brother is going to be a really happy fuck. Probbaly my folks, also.

Just be aware guys, you're riding a 'hype / acceptance train'. BTC is an outdated protocol developed by a core team funded by large major banks. The new feautres and such of the protocol have fallen through the floor.

But. The main use, storage and exchange of wealth will still exist because blockchain.

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Yes, I wanted to buy some for a long time but don't really know which exchange should i use. Then there is question what
offline wallet to use.

Seems pretty dead here, but: Thoughts on the current state of affairs? Was looking like a dead cat after the announcement, but now I'm not so sure.

I went short @1132 and still think (hope) we're looking at a bull trap with a floor in the mid 700s, but would love to hear other opinions.

Also with an Article 50 trigger possible as early as Tuesday, we could be in for an interesting week, though I'm hazy on how likely that actually is.

If bitcoin is a bit to much. Take a look at Gulden.
Their focus is on user experience and convienience.

I buy guldens at

How's liquidity in the gulden market? Any decent trading platforms with leverage for it? I don't see it listed on any of the usual places.