Bitcoin price rises exponentially again

Seems like the Silk Road bust and the small drop in value attracted many new (greedy) people to bitcoin, the price went from 130$ to almost 200 in about a week .

Might get to 300 this time ( i hope for over 220 at least), but the growth rate is so strong that im pretty sure there will be a large drop like in spring, if not this month than the next. If anybody feels like playing with some cash now is the time to load up your accounts so you are ready when it drops. Meh, personally don't think it will get passed 200. The jump between 130-200 is good enough. Plus any idea WHY it went that high? Any certain factors/theroies other than the whole sild road situation? Could the next Silk Road make the price go even higher?

So Bitcoin Prices are at 330$ now With over 10 % growth per day, If you look at the order book though you can see that way more people want to sell than want to  buy. Prepare for panic xD.

Thats really weird. 

*I don't understand this*

i wish i would've invested when it was $60, or even all those months it was at $80-100

I feel bad for this guy

So many people wish that they had invested sooner... the risk of investment is always there.  I'd expect the currency to stabilize sometime soon as its becoming adopted on a wider scale.

Jep, its hard that we dont know the future. Maybe you are set for live in 20 years if you have a couple bitcoins and smash your head against a brick wall because you didnt keep any, who knows?