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Biostar Racing X470GTN, opinions?


I mentioned on the lounge a few days ago that i was having some issues with VRM temperatures on my ASRock AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac. I spoke with ASRock directly and they instructed me to talk with my salesman first, so i did and got refunded due to the issue and lack of spare motherboards of the same type.
With no motherboard in hand i searched the local market and found the Biostar Racing X470GTN and i can get it by the end of this week.
What do you guys think of this model? I will surely lose some features like wi-fi, bluetooth and the ALC1220 audio codec, which i frankly don’t care about because i do not use them.
I never used or even seen a Biostar motherboard before, so i’m a bit worried that i may throw my money away.


Nevermind, i gave up on the M-ITX, i’m going back to ATX


I’ve used biostar. Alot. Before really being part of the forum, my systems were all biostar for the most part.

Granted it was pentium 4 machines, but I also overclocked them and the boards never melted.

So, atm I have this fight myself. Do I get an asrock fatality board, or, a biostar board? Never had issues and they were reliable from memory.

Let me say it this way. I’ve heard more complaints about asrock and asus than I have about these biostar boards.

I have possibly made my decision as well…


Chiming in, in support of AsRock.

I might be among the minority but I’ve had nothing but good experiences. Paired a 9590 with one of their boards a while ago and that system has been running for years (not mine unfortunately). As for my current rig, I’ve got an X99 Taichi and it’s a fantastic board. Couldn’t have asked for better.

That said, I’ve had 3 Asus boards fail in the last 4 years. Given that Asus owns AsRock (iirc) it doesn’t make much sense to me. But I have yet to have a bad board from AsRock so that’s a plus I guess.

With that in mind, I’ve had Asus branded laptops over the years that I’ve loved. They’ve been as reliable as hell and the keyboard are decent (a little OT, but just making a point).

As with all hardware, it’s a hit or miss. People identify with brands too often


Just to clear up the situation, i really can’t blame ASRock in this situation, i’ve had numerous motherboards from them and sold multiple systems with their mobos, this is the very first issue i’ve encountered (besides a minor BIOS chip error i’ve had on a B85 years ago, which was as simple to fix as to change the socketed chip itself), besides, this model is not sold oficially where i reside, they had no obligation with it, thankfully the store i bought it from had the right attitude.
In fact, i’m trying to find an X370 Taichi for a good price, i really like their boards.


That is good to know, back when i lurked around the Tom’s forums (right at time of the first batches of Intel’s “i” CPUs) people talked a lot about these Biostar boards, and good things at that, but due to lack of official representation around here i never got to experience any boards from them until now.
And the price is right too, so it seems like a good buy.


Yeah. I’m buildingman itx machine, and the complaints I see are ‘bad at oc y u no oc itx bioshar poop’ but, like, its itx…

They have good VRM’s too, but not always with a heatsink. You might look into getting a small sink for it.

Theres also complains of a bios that isn’t mouse compatible. If you need windows xp based bios look at an asus board. If you don’t care, it doesn’t matter lol.


Yeah, and its kinda tiring to maintain these things, too cramped, just not worth investing in the same mistake i did before.
I think standard ATX is like waaaay easier because you can get a fully featured motherboard for the same price, and you get more space for cooling as well.


Eh. I’m cowing on to itx. Just get it out of the way and stuff.


I mean, its nice to have a small system, much easier to take places and stuff, but its very limiting in comparison


@Aremis do you know anything about Biostar’s larger models, such as the X370GT5?
The price on those is really nice, and they look really good to boot


Seems that Toms recommended it though


I got that one in the end, seemed to be a really nice choice that wouldn’t break the bank!


Kyle why do you have your general amazon links only? You do realize that there has to be a product with the affiliate link otherwise you could lose your amazon affiliate membership. I’m not an expert but I’m giving you a heads up as it happened with linus before. I recommend changing the links before they terminate you, you’re good at making tech vids and adding humor in there, I’d hate to see that happen to you , ,


@zoziano Oy, wrong post, perhaps?