Biostar b350 mining motherboard as a small multi nvme "server"?

was just wondering about using 4x or 2x NVME drives in the 1x slots on the mining motherboard to mostly play around with somethings. just throwing it up to see if this is a feasible idea or if im not thinking about this right if anyone has any advice looking to see what I can use this motherboard since I got it really cheap in a deal it has the Ryzen 1400 in it already. i haven’t thought about software yet im at that point still where its a “interesting idea” . if you know the penalty in NVME speed also for the bandwidth constriction 4x or 2x into 1x pcie

I mean

I really doubt you’d see any drop in speed because of lanes. Does an nvme drive even need more than one pcie lane?

You should be fine.

yea im just seeing if their is a variable im not thinking about I know it should “work” I just have never seen anyone try it and I know its not a bad choice for a platform if it works properly it can be a really nice cache setup for larger slow redundant storage drives in the basement and ryzen has a nice upgrade path if it works.

Too many spaces not enough periods lol.

Well you shouldn’t technically lose bandwidth, there shouldn’t be anything questionable. You can play games at ultra on a 1x slot if you want, its like a 15% drop in gpu performance.

Your question to google is how many lanes do your choice of ssd’s need.

Some motherboards also won’t allow you to boot nvme drives in 1x PCIe slots, something to keep in mind if you plan on using it as a boot drive.


the drives I am most likely going to use are x4 inland premium drives

Then you’ll see 1/4 performance probably

Or they won’t work lol

What is the use case? In a lot of instances the NVMe drives won’t give you a particularly significant performance boost. You could go SATA and put SATA cards in the slots to get a boatload of drives in one machine. The intended use will dictate how good of an idea that is and what options would be better than others.

lol that’s the whole thing im betting their is a reason no one has done this from what I have seen rolling around no videos and no real anything on the other forums ether for this use case. why Im throwing it up here before I go out and buy 4 new NVME drives to try it.

the main reason Is I just want to try it and see what I can do with it. it most likely would just be a experimental rig for a while and then the parts would be relocated to better uses. but you never know I might like it and keep it around if I find a “reasonable” use case.

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You can search around different places for NVMe vs SATA. Unless you are moving large files constantly then the performance difference in many common tasks is considered negligible. Add a x1 bottleneck plus possibly not working and it might be a completely fruitless endeavor.

Maybe get one drive to test out that you can use on a future build, but if you want to stuff a bunch of drives in a machine for messing with VMs or RAID or whatever, SATA should work without issue. I’m extremely cheap and wouldn’t personally spend money on something that may not work and little to no performance gain, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt.

No one has done it because… sas.

Just do it see what happens don’t pussyfoot around on this

do some fucking science


im going to I don’t see a reason not to have more than half of what I need already laying around here because I don’t throw anything out and cant say no to a good deal.

Give me stuff.

that’s how I ended up with a “free” 4u rack sever of unknown spec and shoddy quality with “homemade mesh mods” thrown in on top of the deal for this b350 motherboard actually.

give me stuff