Bioshock Infinite is on Linux : )

There is already a thread like this in the gaming section, but I think it should also be posted here too.

This is awesome news. Bioshock and Bioshock 2 run moderately well under wine, but bioshock infinite was ummmmmmm uncooperative to say the least.

So now I can finally play my who bioshock collection on linux XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now, the ONLY thing that does not work with linux is the battlefield franchise. If I can get freaking punkbuster to work on wine, then I can turn my windows drive into a steam library drive : )

Update: When I first tried to fire the game up, I got a lot of freezing and crashing. I thought it was kind of weird since the witcher seems to run fine and it is the same-ish type of port.

So I did a bit of googleing and I found this thread here....

A lot of ideas are being thrown around here, but the one that worked for me was post number 26

Here is my .local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/BioShock\ Infinite/bioshock after i read this thred. Thanks all.
#./ ./bioshock.i386 "[email protected]"
taskset -c 0 ./bioshock.i386 "[email protected]"
And freeze go away.

Of course this means that your game will only use a single core. Some people have added more cores with varying degrees of success.

However this basic approach will at least let you play the game.

Hope yours is running better then mine, the frames im losing are bad and I gave up playing it. Just have to wait for Drive updates i suppose.

Yeah, I read it on GamingOnLinux.

If you're interested in Gaming & Linux you should bookmark it. :)

I downloaded it this morning and played for about an hour. It's still pretty rough but hopefully we can get a patch. It's nice to see games coming over though.

Guys, there's benchmarks over at if you're wondering how your card will perform

Wow, the AMD performance is piss poor. Even the GT 740 beats the R9 290 at 1080p. Supposedly a driver issue.

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Nvidia handles OpenGL a lot better for whatever reason.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get the game run smoother?

When I started the game it was running really rough. After playing with the settings, it is a lot smoother, but not perfect.

I am curious if any of you have tips or tricks to force the game to look better and run smoother.

Right now, all I can say is that there are several settings in the game that are meant for directX only. If you turn those on, you get problems and your frame rates drop like mad.

If you leave them off, everything is fine, but the level of quality is less than on windows (obviously).

Nvidia might handel OpenGL well but they dont give a rats about OpenCL which is such a shame ...
But on the topic thread. I can't to play this on Linux :)