Bioshock Infinite crashes

Hi chaps,


I was wondering if anyone else was having regular crashes with Bioshock Infinite (20+ in 5 hours). I'm on an Nvidie 660ti with no overclocks or anything particularly fancy. I've tried running the game at way lower graphics settings than I normally would but nothing seems to really help. Anyone have anything similar/any advice?

Seems like drivers are responsible for this.

Reinstall all your drivers even if they're all updated.


I'm having similar issues.

I have a gtx 560 ti SLI. I usually have them overclocked but there's a really strange instability issue only when  I'm playing Bioshock Infinite. Temps and workload is constantly off balance and the temps higher than what I'm comfortable with (80+ deg). So I've had no de-overclock them.

On top of this, i get crazy lag spikes even though I've tried various graphics settings. 

ON TOP OF THAT, the game crashes quite often. Something like this has never happened before with any other games. I've updated the drivers but I guess I'll reinstall my drivers again...

I'm playing it on a GTX 650 Ti, and I did experience a couple of crashes. I updated my drivers, and thankfully I haven't had a crash since.

And what a brilliant game it is, by the way!