Bios Updates?

Hi, for Christmas this year I will be purchasing a i5 3330, to replace my old G870. Now on scan I've looked at the other i5's and some of them say "Ivybridge CPU's will work on H61/H67/P67 & Z68 Boards but a BIOS Update may be required for these Motherboards to support them". My mother board is a MSI H61M-P25.This warning is not there for the 3330, so will I need to do it, and more to the point how do I update my bios if I need to? Any information that you guys and girls have on this subject would be greaty appreciated.

Thanks :) 

Do the update regardless of it not mentioning the 3330, its ivybridge therefore updated is needed. Head here for the files

Either put the bios file on a usb, then go into the bios and update from there. Otherwise that link above has the files that will run the update.