BIOS update for HSIPC, J4125 Quad Core, 4x RJ45 2.5GBE


I just bought two of the “HSIPC New J4125 Quad Core Firewall Micro Appliance, Mini PC, Nano PC, Router PC, 4 RJ45 2.5GBE Port AES-NI Compatible with Pfsense OPNsense” from Amazon. I recently realized, that WoL (wake-on-lan) was not working, as well as the CPU thermal-tripping. IIRC I had also problems turning off the CSM module, which caused the whole boot to take ~30 seconds longer.

I contacted the seller, which set me in contact with the manufacturer. I hereby present you a fixed BIOS update, which you may install on your system. I share it using these forums, as they do not have an website (?) and I received the file using we-chat… Make sure to install it only on the correct system :slight_smile:

BIOS update: h t t p s ://
Bought system: h t t p s ://


P.S. I would upload the file directly, but I am not allowed.
P.P.S. I would link the file directly, but I am not allowed.

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