BIOS / UEFI nvram configuration backup and restore

I got a problem.
Someone invisible unloaded my BIOS / UEFI USB drivers.
You guys can’t help me with my physical security but you can help me with backing up the current settings and restoring the old settings.
You might argue that it is just mental, which it obviously isn’t.
Because the mental / telepathic argument I had with somebody shortly before led to the assailant unloading the BIOS / UEFI USB driver while I was asleep and while all doors and windows were locked from the inside and are on the second floor.
We need a publicly accessible magic police
Anyways, back to the USB driver.

modprobe nvram
cat /dev/nvram > /etc/nvram.conf
Does not work. I changed UEFI settings and it did not change the /dev/nvram.

Where are the permanent UEFI settings stored?
I don’t mean the the ROM.
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