BIOS & Memory Problems

Yes, I am aware this might not be the right section to place this thread in; however, since this is happening with a build I put together just now, I think it fits. In said build, I have a Maximus V Formula, 16 GB of DDR3 Vengeance 1866 ram. The problem relies on the fact that I cannot access the BIOS of the MOBO. Reason beeing that the BIOS splash screen when booting up the system never actually appeares, skipping directly to the "starting windows" logo. Furthermore, my memory seems to be clocked down to 700Mhz, despite the fact that each module is said to run at 1866; and since I cannot access the BIOS, I cannot turn on XMP, which I assume is the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

hold the del key on boot.

you can also use (i think) ROG connect to access your bios via usb to another computer. cpu-z and other hardware id programs will report you ram running at half it's actual speed


Update the BIOS by using Asus Update utility in AI Suite 2. See if that allows you see the bios. ROG connect only allows you to clock your board, not access your bios. Your ram speed is entirely from not having XMP enabled.