Biometrics and Phone no. linking is now mandatory in India

Just got an update from my Cellular services provider, that it is now mandatory to link your biometrics with your phone number, even for existing customers.

Privacy R.I.P.

Guys, thoughts?

Isn't it all tied together with the new ID cards as well in India?

A great idea - 9 out of 10 heads of state agree...

Does it need to be your fingerprint? By the interpretation of "biometrics", you could use your wrist, butt cheek, elbow, etc.. no?

Don't get a phone. Switch over to something else that can offload to a network but is not a number like Skype, but pleas do not use Skype.

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Discord for literally everything /s


most people already do that though


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I would have suggested google voice, but then google would be watching your texts as well.