BIN files! Nothing can open them! WTF BROOOSKI!

Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pips!
I got a question, though bet its been asked b4.
Those fkn BIN files!!! Nothing can open them!
yes they are working!
Yes, i download from good scources!
No, i am not bullstn'
Its Magic lantern's file

Basically NOTHING can open BIN files! Daemon, UltraISO, PowerISO, Nero etc..... it always says "file format is invalid or unsupported"

this fkn thing pisses me off. bout to loooseee ittt hea!!! hahahah


win 8

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Is it a movie:
Is it a datadisk.. give changing the filetype to .iso a shot ^^

what are those files for?
I think there is now definition of how a ".bin" file should look like/work. Basically every programmer can create some files with his own format and the ending ".bin". The suffix is actually suggesting, that this is some kind of binary data.
This datia should only be meaningful in the right context, like @th3z0ne already suggested with his reply.

.bin is just a way of identifying a file as binary so utilities that use FTP (for instance) download them correctly. Replace the .bin with the extension the file needs.

UltraISO doesnt open them correctly but if you do right click -> mount to drive X: it works a charm 90% of the time XD