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Big Monitor/LapTop Screen makers need to take note of Dell

< 5mm Bezels all around on all sides. Less Bezel = More Screen to Body Real estate. Less Bezel = BETTER experience

NO LOGOS ANYWHERE I’m looking, there’s plenty of surface area to mount your silly logo, just not when it comes to the Face of the Display that I’m looking at!

NO Buttons ANYWHERE I’m looking, there’s plenty of surface area on the other sides of a monitor to hide your buttons.

All Displays should be killing Buttons, Logos, & Bezels being mounted on the front face of the screen where you’re looking at.

Less is truly more.


That thing is beautiful.

I can’t help but laugh at “tried to use it on my lap but couldn’t for long”. And also 2kg/4lbs being “unbearably heavy for carrying it around everyday” and other ridiculous stuff.

I know reviewers have to fill their quota (I used to write this kind of shit myself), but goddamit.

10 years ago everyone was happy with 3kg/6lbs, it’s not like human anatomy has changed since then.


The Author of that review is a WIMPY PANSY man.

I used to lug around 10+ lbs of stuff in my book bag.

I think 5-6 lbs notebooks are fine in terms of weight.

Anything less is a “Nice to Have”, but not a requirement IMO.

Give me 100 wHr Batteries that run up to the FAA limit.

Give me More Display, Give me more SO-DIMM slots. Stop being cheap and limiting me to only 2 slots.

I’ll gladly Sacrifice “Weight” if that’s the tradeoff.


Would much rather have something like older Lenovo laptops in design, they are expandable, sturdy, easy to service and aesthetics are not above function.

Something that seriously gets on my tits with laptops today, why the **** do they all have to have such shitty keyboards. This is the primary reason I’m still using my Lenovo from 2012.

However, it is a very nice screen on the Dell.

Don’t need thin bezels. I need USB ports, easy to access storage and memory.

USB Hubs/Switchs are available to you everywhere.

Easy to Access Storage & Memory, you might want to go with a SATA BackPlane with HotSwap capability and RAID Card / HBA.

So the Apple approach? Two ports and the Kraken

In a notebook?

Blame Apple for forcing the Kraken life on it’s users.

NoteBook is a different problem. M2. NVMe SSD’s are the primary solution IMO, having a single Small Hot-Swappable 2.5" Drive-Bay in the Aft would be awesome, but it would only work on larger laptops.

that’s a nice machine I’ll tell you that

but reviewers have such a large vocabulary and make so many stuff up… like:

“I used the laptop on my lap but you need to concentrate more because you need to balance such a big laptop”

wtf dude… I’d never think about it… maybe that’s why I never review anything

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