BFBC2 Squad deathmatch win

Video I made recorded yesterday..
Recorded with camera because fraps is killing the fps..
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that was epic... tho gotta admit, there were some moron's too... haha

i hate that sights in SV98 and that cheap Chinese rifle, it just doesnt give me a sniper's feel. :D

i rarely use the motion detector, cuz im more of a mountain kinda guy,, sniping from long distances... for rush sniping, ur method works i guess,, gotta try it out in normal mode...

thanks for sharing it green, tho its not the way i play recon, i learned somethings nonetheless.... :D

and that SONG???? EPIC WIN!!!! hahahaha

Hehe, I loooove the Russian snipers sights over any of the other snipers like GOL and m24.. It's just better, in both close combat and loooooooong range, because they got these... "points" so it's easier to see where to aim at distance if the bullet drops,

But yeah they were kinda noobs I think XD

Screenshot of a sweeeeet conquest match I had last week:
With SVU

I also prefer rushing with a sniper, it feels more fun and a lot of people don't expect you to do it as a sniper, plus with the M24 or GOL you can one hit kill at CQC with no scope.Â

Lol, last night I was playing and I put down a motion detector and saw a guy moving around behind me to try and knife me so I turned round and shot him and I got called a cheater -.- What a nab.

Yeah I'm not all what you would call a traditional sniper. I can't stand camping, too impatient for that...I for me as well...GOL ftw! If you want to play sometime hit me up, Squa7ch.

Sure, I'll add my username here too:

it's Seigida

P.S. I'm in the UK so like....I could probably play with GreenSLI pretty easily but playing with you Americans would be harder. :x

Dr. Tran
, Norway so can't play US servers without extreme lag.

@ Green

Did u get my pal request? :)

Havnt been in the game past 2 days.. : p