BF4 Texture Glitch: NEED HELP

Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me with something. I've been bothered by this texture glitch ever since I've gotten the game. Here is the video: [] . Sorry, I was listening to TotalBiscuit XD. I tried to change my anti-aliasing and my ambient conclusion but without success. I have tried to use Mantle which does not fix it and makes my game stutter (thanks DICE and AMD). I am running an MSI r9 270 OC edition. Any answers will be extremely helpful. I hope it's not a problem with my card. D;

Thats a game glitch thats been with bf4 since the start cant realy do anything about that antill dice fix it its not a problem with your video card.

I have not noticed that problem but I am using a 660 ti so maybe amd cards cause it

No, I have noticed it on my GTX 580 too - though less pronounced. I remember this in BF3 as well (Tehran Highway was particularly bad).