Bf4 frame drops

I just got  a 770 and play at 1440p. high with no aa. saw a lot of fps drops. said hey let me see if its just 1440p doing that. put it to 1080 same thing. then said well what about 720p. a 770 that is overclocked is dropping frames at 720p. does anybody know a fix for this? already tried the core park thing. i also have an 8350 if that means anything.

What kind of frame drops? How low? And whats your motherboard and PSU?


What GPU did you have before?  Did you still get frame drops before the 770?  And do the frame drops go back up after a few seconds or once they drop do they stay low?

What kind of cooling do you have for the 8350?  My friend had great frames for 20 min and then they dropped after that, and it turned out that he had a bad connection for his cpu cooler and the fan wasn't spinning.

Battlefield 4 is notorious for frame drops. I would not worry too much as DICE still has to fix a lot of things for BF4. 

Times when FPS drops for me on my GTX 760: buildings collapsing, shooting (terrible time for it to happen). 

Motherboard is gigabyte 990fx ud3. Psu is xfx 750w pro. Those should be fine. I upgraded from a 7870. Reinstalled windows. From drops from 60fps to 25fps.  8350 is at 4.6 never above 60*. Speedtest shows 50mb/s. So Internet speed should be fine. No frame drops before I got my 770. 

use coretemp and GPU-Z to see if the cpu/gpu are throtteling down while it happens.

i have a fx-8320 and that thing gets nearly as hot while playing bf4 as it does while testing it with prime 95.

adding a card that gives of more heat could heat the cpu up enough to make the cpu throttel.

BF4 is one of the first games that utilizes full 8 cores because it's a 64-bit game.  Expect to see high temps and frame drops.  Game is not optimized for 64-bit yet, lots of updates are needed.  Try V-sync even though it's a pain in the ass but it helps keep the frames from jumping so much...helped me a little bit.