BF3 Keeps crashing

To start off, bf3 has kept crashing for me. It starts out turning everything purple/green. Then random black squares are blocking my view and I can't see anything. Finally my game will crash. I have no idea on how to fix it, please help.

PC specs if you need them(note: I am playing at all ultra settings)


-EVGA 670ftw 2gb

-8gb of 1600mhz ram

-Azrock z77 extreme4

Also one more question. Does anyone know how to disable the "Your theme color may be slowing down your computer" I always press no and do not say again but it always pops up.

That seems like a GPU issue to me, are you having trouble with any other games?

Sorry for the late responce. Also yes, but not as often. I had one crash in TF2... I don't know why that would crash. Planetside 2 crashes every once in a while and same with arma 3, but that game is in alpha so I don't worry too much about it. Also, my monitor just died, I think. I have no idea why it just did, but I'll go look around and see.

*Takes monitor power cord out, puts monitor cord back in. Fixed -_-'*

Out of curiosity, are you running the 320.18 drivers?? There are known issues with BF3 and these drivers, although I personally have not had any with this set.. Try rolling back to the previous WHQL drivers and see if that helps.. A clean install would be the way to go with that as well by the way, so uninstall all aspects, reboot, delete all Nvidia folders (including hidden ones) and registry entries, reboot, install fresh drivers..

Can't help you with any of the other games though I'm afraid, I only really play Battlefield..

Good luck.. :-)

Thankyou, I never thought it would be the drivers. I'll get to it right now. If I have any other issues I'll come back.