Bf3 Download issues

I know I know, servers are being bombarded etc, but honestly it's been a long enough time for EA to increase capacity right? 

Last night I started downloading Bf3 at 1.2 mbs, I left my computer on with a program to prevent it from sleeping, as I expected it didn't work. In the morning I turn my computer on and the download is on 23% but not moving, 15 seconds later the download changes to 9% and the download speed drops to 200mbs. I restart my computer after a few attempts at resolving it, and the download says 85% at 1.5mbs, then 15 seconds later drops back to 9% and 200mbs.

This is pissing me off, I'm assuming it's a server side issue as I downloaded the counter strike update with no issues on Steam. Seriously EA, you're a big enough company surely it cant be that hard to sort the servers out.

Anyone know any solutions?

bf3 was the sole reason I gave up on origin

huge initial install, crazy large patch, browser plugin, setup account, another large patch (keep in mind I have 1mbit broadband)

... and then I gave up and uninstalled