BF3: Console vs PC

I've seen Linus make some pretty pandering videos before, but this one seems to actually be relevant for once and I thought I'd share it.

I'm posting this on the bungie forums...

^ No one watched the video haha.

OT - I really don't give a s*** about this console vs. PC gaming anymore. Everything has been discussed and only REAL fanboys are stupid enough to keep discussing a topic that is sooo dead. Haters gonna hate. Smart people don't give a f*** because they know they are better than the other. It's about growing up.

I'm a PC gamer. I know my roots. But I do not hate or refuse to play on a console. It's only entertainment.


I agree, but I am just a contentious person when it comes to many things.

Lol, I miss the bungie forums just for the flame wars. I'm posting there now if you didn't notice :D

I don't mind console gaming; I just hate that developers would rather create things for the lowest common denominator rather than make something new and innovative.

I saw. :D

I love reading the comments on there seeing as a quick google search to set it up is too hard for people.  That and plugging your pc into your televion is hard? really?

Lol, some little asshole thinks voice chat is impossible on the PC and that Xbox Live is the only possible way to do voice chat.

I am almost certain that he is trolling. At least, I'm telling myself that to prevent suicide...

Yeah, I'd have to say you're right. He just keeps posting things that are blatantly wrong over and over again.

that video was awesome, kind of had the same reaction when i saw my friend playing it on his xbox

I play on both. Both with mouse and keyboards thanks to a xim3 for xbox. It's easy to make console players rage and cry. They think they're hardass and talk shit. I just go there for the enjoyment of dominating. 


Haha! That's the spirit!

Lol, most console players I talk to either just flat out don't understand or don't care.

I really dont mind playing on the consoles, its just some of the people that play on consoles that make me hate them. They talk shit about pc's without knowing what there talking about, and that really ticks me off. If your gonna argue about something, KNOW both of the sides before jumping in and ranting.