Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro good for gaming?

Hello, so it's christmas soon, and i tought i would upgrade my headphones. I currently use a pair of Asus Vulcan ANC, they're very comofrtable, the mic is fairly good and the audio quality is ok, but i want something better. 

So i was thinking about buying the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. 

Are they good for gaming? Or would you recommend anything else? I have about 150€ to spend.

I use the on board audio on my Asus Z97M Plus (not going to get an AMP/DAC anytime soon)


I'm going to use them for gaming and listening to music (mostly rock, metal and electronic) on my pc and phone.

These headphones



I would say they are really nice and give a nice audio response range and curve. 

However, they are quite high impedance headphones that your motherboard will not be able to drive by itself without a Amp. Well not to a decent audio level.

Ehh, the 250 Ohm DT990s can be driven quite loud with anything from a desktop amp to an iPod Nano.

Unless the listener likes hearing loss.

An amp will make them sound better regardless of course.

EDIT: The Z97-M Plus appears to have a basic amp built in. Probably not as good as a stand alone unit or one of the nicer ones on a more expensive motherboard, but it's better than nothing.

The volume is OK with onboard.

It´s not crazy loud an maybe lacks a bit of dynamic but its ok.

Something cheap like the Xonar DG/DGX is enough to drive the 250 Ohm Beyers.



He reviews the DT990 in this very nice review thread.

Tanks, i think i'll look around and see if i find some headphones with lower impedance, just to be safe.

As an owner of a pair of 250ohm DT70s, you should really get the 250ohm versions. They aren't hard to drive at all and they drown out a lot of the static if you don't have an amp. My onboard audio and my phone have no trouble driving them at all

I can hightly recomend the DT 990 Pros, got one for myself... They sound great - even when powered by a phone ( Galaxy S4 in my case ). Please keep in mind, that they are open, so they are not made for traveling / listening in the library.